Gaoligong by UTMB® Domestic Media Coverage Report – Xingzhi Group Created Both a New Brand and Brand Awareness

Gaoligong by UTMB® trail race was a great success with almost 2000 runners taking part – a great turnout for a first edition of a race, and one held in a remote part of China at that. This success is due to very effective media marketing campaign by Xingzhi Group in China. Below is a summary of media coverage.


Sound of Gaoligong Press Conference / Presentation – Nationwide Coverage Targeting China’s “Running Cities”

Before the race, China’s main cities which have become the hotbeds of amateur running, and where also China’s main marathon events are held, were selected to hold the Sound of Gaoligong press conference / presentation style events. These included: Shanghai (06/26), Kunming (08/25), Beijing (09/22), Fujian (25/10) and during Shanghai Marathon (11/12 – Shanghai is one of the best attended road events in China, with 38,000 runners and almost 170,000 annual applications for bibs).



Race Press Conference

Held in Tengchong on 08/03/2018 it was attended by 150 people including representatives of Xinhua News Agency (China’s national press agency), Sportspress (official national sports paper, now digital and print), Phoenix Media, Yunnan Television and more than ten other national-level media agencies.


WeChat and WeiBo Coverage (includes Gaoligong official account, our media partner accounts, runners’ and running groups’ accounts and forums and grassroots social media promotion by invited amateur photographers)

From the time of the launch of the official Gaoligong by UTMB WeChat account and until April 2018, more than 110 posts (articles with photos and videos) were posted, accumulating 500,000 reads and over 400,000 reposts.

Seven running and outdoor WeChat groups (WeChat groups are basically forums of like-minded people who talk in real time and exchange files such as videos and photos) were dedicated to Gaoligong or followed Gaoligong closely, together comprising 3,500 runners and outdoor enthusiasts who sent and exchanged a great number (must be in the thousands – this is impossible to count exactly) of videos and photos, many sent live as they were taking part in the race.

The #2018高黎贡超级山径赛# (Gaoligong Mountain Race) hashtag on Weibo (Chinese Twitter analogue) achieved viewing rate of over 580,000 during the race period (9-11 March).

Fourteen highly skilled volunteer photographers attended the race who took over 180,000 professional quality images of the race, many of which were then posted on their social media (WeChat and Weibo) accounts and also contributed to the race media images bank.


Live on-line streaming of Gaoligong TV by Phoenix Media and video coverage on main national media platforms

Live transmission (24-hours) on the on-line channel dedicated to Gaoligong by UTMB – (Gaoligong TV) hosted by Phoenix Media, the race’s official media partner, during the period of 9-11 March reached the total of over 450,000 views.

1,380 000 views of Gaoligong material were achieved across China’s three main on-line media platforms – Sina, Tencent (over 150 million daily users), and Toutiao (120 million daily users). The content was created and then shared with these platforms by Phoenix Media, the official digital media partner or the race.


Yunnan Television (Yunnan provincial state broadcasting agency)

Before during and after the race, Yunnan Television released 20 posts and information releases about Gaoligong on their official website, phone apps, and WeChat and WeiBo accounts.


Kunming Airport Media and Advertising

Kunming Changshui International Airport is one of China’s most modern and is the nation’s fifth busiest (over 40 million passengers per year)– it is a growing hub not only for the whole of South West China, but it also connects China with South East and South Asia.

Gaoligong by UTMB advertising billboards were displayed at Kunming Changshui Airport, both in the arrival area and at boarding gates.


Tengchong Tuofeng International Airport and Tengchong City

Billboards of Gaoligong by UTMB were displayed at the arrival area of Tengchong Airport (700,000 passengers per year) and at a number of prominent intersection of the city’s main thoroughfares including the road to the city’s airport.


User Generated Content on Social and Electronic Media – Creating a Community

Gaoligong organizers created brand awareness and brand community across more than 40 different independent social media and traditional media outlets, such as personal WeChat accounts of influential runners, commercial WeChat accounts of running groups and running brands, on-line running apps and platforms and electronic versions of outdoor and running magazines (for example Outdoor Magazine). In total, during the period of one week after the race 84 articles and posts on Gaoligong were published, with 12 million people reached, and totalling 3 million reads. Such statistics are unprecedented for a Chinese trail race.