Mars Base and Science Fiction Contest – Xingzhi Group’s Innovate Travel Concepts

Xingzhi Group are at the concluding stages of finalising their PPP (public private partnership) for tourism development of Haixi Tibetan Autonomous County in Qinghai Province, an area of great natural beauty in Western China. The outwardly, Martian landscapes of this high-altitude location generated a marketing idea for the region based on space travel, which was enthusiastically approved by the local government.

The space travel concept is reflected in the name of a new joint stock company set up by Xingzhi to operate the travel packages and tourism programs in the area (such as self-driving holidays and hiking, the details are still under discussion) – Qinghai Chaidam Space Travel Culture Company Ltd.

One part of this extremely large PPP has already been signed and finalised – a new company was set up to design, build and operate tourism infrastructure in the township of Lenghu. This venture is a joint investment between then Xingzhi (45%), the construction company QingHai Bodao (35%) and the local government (20%). The name of this new joint stock company is Lenghu Martian Village Culture Travel Development Company Ltd.

Some figures to show the scale of the project in Lenghu – the construction shall involve a 1,900m2 travel center, and accommodation complex of 2,400m2, a museum, and a variety of infrastructure and facilities required to support the expected tourism influx, including almost 100km of roads, as well as car parks, public squares, electrical generation facilities and the list goes on. The total budget of the project stands at 150 million yuan.

In July 2018, the construction shall start on the construction of unique accommodation for travellers in Lenghu – built in a form of a futuristic Martian base. In order to increase the national awareness of this project, Xingzhi have launched a nationwide science fiction writing contest as part of the promotional campaign – the winner shall walk away with an impressive sum of 50,000 yuan.