Tengchong Municipality Confirmed as New “National Sport Industry Demonstration Base”

On the 13th of January 2018, National Sports Administration of China held the 2018 National Sports Industry Development Meeting in the city of Xiamen in Fujian Province.


As part of the meeting, National Sports Administration of China announced the selection of 11 new National Sports Industry Demonstration Bases, 22 National Sports Industry Demonstration Organisations (read: companies that work in sports and outdoor industries) and 16 National Sports Industry Demonstration Projects (for example marathons, other sports events and outdoor industry forums and conferences).


What do “bases” mean, however “Bases” are geographical locations on a level of municipality, county of self-governing city that are deemed to possess ample geographical, climatic and other natural resources to serve as “hubs” for sports and outdoor events and activities. “Demonstration” reflects the pioneering nature of this project and that the areas and the companies chosen to participate shall serve as models and case studies for future development of this industry.


Once designated as such “demonstration bases” the government investment shall be provided for the construction of the required infrastructure and the organization of such events and activities. These include organization of national and international sports competitions, developing areas for outdoor pursuits such as climbing, mountaineering and kayaking (with construction of the necessary infrastructure to make these activities possible and economically viable), and organization of athlete training centers and others.


Tengchong Municipality in Yunnan Province was one of the 11 new Demonstration Bases announced at the meeting, and Xingzhi Group are the main enterprise entrusted by the government in the development of Tengchong as an outdoor, tourism and sport destination and hub. The already functioning events organised in Tengchong by Xingzhi are the highly successful Tengchong Marathon (held last year for the first time and was fully booked out) and Gaoligong by UTMB® trail ultra-running race which is already considered of the premier events of this kind in China and the 2018 is already fully booked out.


Future, but already approved, projects in Tengchong by Xingzhi Group include the construction of an outdoor sports center, setting up a cycling network and a system of hiking trails in Gaoligong Mountains. This hiking trail is earmarked to become one of China’s premier long-distance hiking trails, modelled on classic routes such as the Great Appalachian Trail.


The “sports demonstration base” concept was created back in 2006, but with the outdoor industry now growing from strength to strength in China, the government has focused its priority on this project yet again, using this new market as the engine for development, creating employment and improving local people’s welfare.