Chinese Outdoor Industry

Mars Base and Science Fiction Contest – Xingzhi Group’s Innovate Travel Concepts

Xingzhi Group are at the concluding stages of finalising their PPP (public private partnership) for tourism development of Haixi Tibetan Autonomous County in Qinghai Province, an area of great natural beauty in Western China. The outwardly, Martian landscapes of this high-altitude location generated a marketing idea for the region based on space travel, which was enthusiastically approved by the local government.

Half Marathon to Commemorate 2008 Sichuan Earthquake Symbolises the Rejuvenation of the Area

Xingzhi Exploring, together with Shuangyi Heritage Sports and Wanda Group will soon stage a unique event, Wenchuan Half Marathon, held at the location of the devastating 2008 Sichuan Earthquake. The half marathon shall symbolize the rejuvenation of the area as well as commemorating the victims of the disaster.

Tengchong Municipality Confirmed as New “National Sport Industry Demonstration Base”

Tengchong Municipality in Yunnan Province was one of the 11 new Demonstration Bases announced at the 2018 National Sports Industry Development Meeting, and Xingzhi Group are the main enterprise entrusted by the government in the development of Tengchong as an outdoor, tourism and sport destination and hub.

Ultra-Running in China

Ultra running is growing fast in China and brands are catching on