Chinese Travel and Tourism

Mars Base and Science Fiction Contest – Xingzhi Group’s Innovate Travel Concepts

Xingzhi Group are at the concluding stages of finalising their PPP (public private partnership) for tourism development of Haixi Tibetan Autonomous County in Qinghai Province, an area of great natural beauty in Western China. The outwardly, Martian landscapes of this high-altitude location generated a marketing idea for the region based on space travel, which was enthusiastically approved by the local government.

Chinese Tourism in Indonesia – Investment is the Objective

Developing more destinations in Indonesia for Chinese visitors means massive investment in Indonesian infrastructure

Argentina aims to open up vinery and honeymoon tourism to Chinese

Vineries and wedding photography tourism to be offered to Chinese

Chinese travel to Brazil, but not many and not to the beaches

Visa restrictions are keeping the numbers of Chinese visitors to Brazil low.

Dulong Valley, Yunnan - a walk on the wild side

A tunnel opens up access to one of the most remote and fascinating locations in all of China - the Dulong Valley

Tighter regulations for one of the most popular domestic tourist destinations

Crackdown in Lijiang, Yunnan, as part of official drive to improve the chaotic, booming inbound tourism industry in the province

Visa waver program boosts Chinese tourism to Russia

A Chinese tour guide working in Russia described this country as having “red” – Communist history, “green” – pristine nature, and “white”- winter activities, resources.