Chengdu Double Heritage International Marathon

This is the largest road race in Western China, with more than 30,000 people taking part.

The race is held in the town of Dujiangyan, just outside of Chengdu, which is a historic location – here two millennia ago the river Min was brought under control using a system which still stands and operates today, transforming the area where now the capital of Chengdu stands into the Southern center of Chinese civilization. There is a wealth of tourist and historic sites in and around the town and Dujiangyan is known to every Chinese.

Sponsored by global brands such as BMW, Suunto, Salomon and PICC, Chengdu Marathon is a true festival of running aimed at runners of all abilities and levels, with distances of 10km fun run and half and full marathons available. The atmosphere and the spirit of this marathon rival that of any world-famous marathon, and the participation has been growing every year, fuelled by the rise in income and living standards in Western China and in Chengdu, the booming capital of Sichuan Province.