Company Background

The company was founded in 2005 by Mr Qu Xiangdong.

Mr. Qu was a celebrated television personality and reporter, specializing in economics, entrepreneurship, leadership and culture on China Central Television (CCTV). Mr Qu has contributed, both as a journalist and presenter, to some of China’s best known television programs such as “Economics Half-Hour”, “Dialogue” and “Great Masters”, working with the leading figures in China’s economy, technology, business and arts.

Xingzhi Exploring Group grew out of the brand called Xuanzang Route founded by Mr Qu in 2005. The Buddhist Master Xuanzang was a translator and scholar whose 17-year trip to India during the Tang Dynasty is a cornerstone event in Chinese historiography.

Xuanzang Route brand quickly evolved into an umbrella for several experiential businesses, the main one being a race in the Gobi Desert called “Gobi Business School Challenge”. This event, a four-day team stage footrace, is attended by Executive MBA alumni and students from China’s and Asia’s top business schools, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, China Europe International Business School and National University of Singapore. Team spots in “Gobi Business Challenge” are highly sought after, which, in turn, raises the influence and the outreach of the brand in the Chinese and Asian business and economic circles.

Xuanzang Route brand have received accolade at the highest levels in China – for example their film about the pilgrimage by the Master Xuanzang was presented by Chinese President Xi Jinping to India’s Premier Narendra Mohdi as an official gift.

Xuanzang Route later developed a new experiential product “Cutting Edge Leadership” – a leadership training program, which is now attended by managerial and executive staff of practically all of China’s leading companies, such as Lenovo, Alibaba and Vanke.

Other experience products and brands such as Youth Leadership Program, Power 10®, Exploring China and The Road of China Expeditionary Force were added over time to the group’s portfolio of events and services.

Xingzhi also expanded into organization of running events when running boom exploded in China. Since 2015 we operate the largest road race in Western China – Chengdu Double Heritage Marathon, and we have more than a dozen major road as well as trail races in China, across the whole country, many in strategic locations, which are undergoing rapid development and are seeing a rapid rise in incomes and living standards, a process now accelerated even further by the One Belt One Road Initiative, which our events tie in with.

In 2015 Xingzhi also claimed a stake in amateur rowing, and we are the national leader in popularizing the sport amongst amateur athletes in the country.

In 2009 Tripolers – the exclusive outbound tourism branch of the company was set up, the first company in China to offer the trips to the South and North Pole, working with the elite of the Chinese society.

Since 2016 Xingzhi started working with local governments in China, offering tourism development services. We now at the heart of the development of the tourism industry in some of the areas with greatest domestic tourism potential, such as Garze in Western Sichuan and Tengchong in Yunnan.

Since last year, Xingzhi have started to actively develop international cooperation, engaging foreign partners and expertise. We now work closely with Chamonix in France and are constantly working on expanding our international operations.

It is our aim to create a truly global company, which can operate both according to Chinese and Western cultural and economic realities, and one that can be trusted by foreign enterprises, enabling our overseas partners to access the vast potential of Chinese markets.