Company Philosophy

Xingzhi Exploring Group provide experiential services to customers, combining travel, corporate training, outdoor recreation, sports and cultural tourism, all under one umbrella. The company’s headquarters are in Beijing, but our 185 employees work across eighteen provinces and regions of China where we have regional branches.

In the modern Chinese society, the pursuit of material gains has become the norm. However, Mr Qu Xiangdong, faithful to his philosophy of traditional Chinese scholar, believes that knowledge, education and culture must take priority over the commercial and the material pursuits. Mr Qu was also fascinated by the idea of “experience economy”, of providing people with new, life-changing, experiences, be it cultural or physical, which was, at the time, revolutionary in China; and so Xingzhi Group was established in 2005 with education, knowledge and culture as its cornerstones.

It is not therefore, surprising that many of our sports events are held at UNESCO World Heritage sites. For example – Chengdu Marathon is staged in the town of Dujiangyan, close to the capital of Sichuan. Here an irrigation system built more than two millennia ago (which still functions) created the southern center of Chinese civilization.

Our trail and ultra-races are also so designed so that the participants, both foreign and Chinese, learn about the wealth of unique history and culture that different parts of China abound in. In North Western Gansu Province, we hold our 400km non-stop Ultra Gobi race, based on the journey of the Buddhist Master Xuanzang, around the centuries-old ruins and fortresses. In the South West, on the border with Myanmar in subtropical Yunnan Province, we stage Gaoligong by UTMB® 100miles trail race on the same millennia-old trails that the Tea and Horse Trail, the Southern Silk Road, once followed.

The participants to our races are, therefore, encouraged and given the opportunity to become tourists, to explore the area where they run. This principle applies equally to the foreign and domestic participants in our events in China, and to Chinese amateur athletes who use our services to attend races abroad.

Our work developing tourism in China has as its aim the opening up of the vast resources that China has – pristine, diverse nature and a wealth of little known historical sites and relics, to foreign and domestic visitors, who can learn, via personal experience, about the heritage that China has to offer. This, in turn, shall allow us to learn how to preserve our heritage better and connect China to the world.