Domestic Outdoor Destination Development Service

In China tourism has been designated as one of the “pillar industries”, and the development of tourism resources and outdoor recreation industry is of the highest priority for local governments, especially in Western regions of China. Consequently, very large investment has been directed towards this goal – both in the infrastructure required for tourism and also as support for events and activities that can be held in these newly developing regions such as Yunnan, Xinjiang and Qinghai.

In addition, the One Belt One Road initiative injects further investment into remote areas and their all-round development. Such areas have great tourism resources and potential, but currently host few visitors and have virtually no tourism facilities. The One Belt One Road creates infrastructure and facilities and brings people, and, crucially, outdoor and sports events are part of this strategy.

Xingzhi are currently involved with the development of Tengchong Municipality in South-West Yunnan, Haixi Prefecture in Qinghai and Garze Prefecture in Sichuan amongst others, and negotiations are on-going to expand Xingzhi’s operations into other regions of China.