Mt. Wuyi Trail Race

Discover the World Natural&Cultural Heritage Site on

November 3rd-4th

To look into the mystery of Mont Wuyi, runners will go deeply into the secret area of Wuyi, listening to pine trees rustling and the mountain murmuring.

Mount Wuyi is a key area for global biodiversity protection where preserves the most complete, the most typical and the largest mid-subtropical original forest ecosystem at the same latitude on the earth and is the gene pool of rare and peculiar wild animals.

The 100km finish of the 2018 MT. Wuyi Trail Race will decode Mount Wuyi National Park and explore Wuyi Natural Reserves.

Mount Wuyi World Heritage Site is one of the only 23 natural and cultural heritage sites in the world and the largest world heritage site in China. The mountain trail of 60km will lead runners to fully enjoy the natural and cultural scenery, setting foot on the trip to pursue the spirits of China along the historical footprints.

Search for tea in Mount Wuyi to enjoy its petrous flavor and flower fragrance. When walking along the trail and shuttling through the sites of top-grade rock tea, you will smell the mineral odour coming out of the glutenite under the sun which has been developed from billions of years of weathering since the cretaceous period and be surrounded by the pervasive flower fragrance and tea aroma in the valley. You can also taste the Wuyi rock tea at the special supply stations, giving you an ultimate experience of the tea from smell to taste.



Course Map of 2018 Mt. Wuyi Trail Races


Participants can get easy access to the Mt. Wuyi via high-speed trains or planes.

  • By trains:

There are two high-speed train stations at Mt. Wuyi. It takes about three hours from Xiamen, Fuzhou or Shanghai to the Mt. Wuyi via high-speed trains.

  • By planes:

It is about 3.5 kilometers from the Wuyishan Airport to the Mt. Wuyi Scenic Area. More than 30 Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao, Shenzhen and Xiamen, have direct flights to the Mt. Wuyi.