Exploring China

Xingzhi have at their disposal a wealth of cultural assets and human resources, and have created a unique package designed to make people aware, through first hand, personal experience, of the achievements of Chinese civilization.

The flagship event is a one – week program, to Shanxi Province, to the region within the bend of the Yellow River, the heartland of Chinese civilization and culture. It combines the visual impact of visiting the jewels of Chinese architecture with the excitement of finding archaeological artefacts, and the practical physical experience of trying the tools and hiking the trading paths from centuries and millennia ago, all the while accompanied by professional tour guides and national-level experts in Chinese history and archaeology.

The trip takes you 4,000 years back in time – and you can find and make your own stone tools made by the earliest inhabitants of the region and learn about the local religion and the gastronomy. The visitors learn something that few people appreciate – the role that the Yellow River and the salt industry had in shaping the Chinese civilization – you can hike ancient salt trading paths and run your fingers across scars in the rock carved by the ropes of the boat haulers who laboured pulling barges through the Yellow River for thousands of years.

The trip is a unique, first-hand experience of China that no other organization can match. This package is offered both to Chinese and foreign clients and is especially popular with corporate and government organization who provide it as a team – building and recreation and educational program for their employees.

Xingzhi are also expanding the program to include other regions of China.