Headquarters and Branches

The company’s headquarters are located in Beijing, but we operate across the entire breadth of China, with branches in Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Kunming. Our projects and events are held in eighteen provinces and regions of China.

Xingzhi Group Chengdu Branch (Chengdu Xingzhi Culture & Tourism Co. Ltd)

Address: E203, Gaoxin International Plaza, Tianyun Road, Gaoxin district, Chengdu City


Contact Person : Ms. Ti Li:  25327921@qq.com


Xingzhi Group Kunming Branch (Yunnan Expewise Culture Company)

Address: A1804, Lingyushidai Building, 1088 Beijing Road, Kunming City.


Contact Person : Ms. Vivi FEI:  feixiaoqin@expewise.com


Xingzhi Group Xiamen Branch (Xiamen Ruithink Culture Company)

Address: B807, Yucheng Building, 51 Dongdu Road, Huli district, Xiamen City


Contact Person : Mr. HE Xiang:  xiang.he@ruithink.cn