Mt. Wuyi

Wuyi Mountains are UNESCO World Heritage site of unparalleled beauty located in the north of the coastal Fujian Province in Southern China.

This area has been protected for twelve centuries – its millennia old temples and tombs are scattered amongst primary forest, hidden in deep gorges, next to towering rock monoliths and turquoise rivers. It is one the most treasured and revered natural sights in the whole of China and is a cradle of tea cultivation, and home to some of the world’s finest teas.

The tea culture, is one of the great draws for visitors from China and Asia, as is the Taoist cultural and architectural heritage – Wuyi has been a center of Taoist learning and worship since the Song Dynasty over a thousand years ago.

Little known outside the Chinese cultural sphere, and visited mainly by domestic tourists as well as by overseas Chinese, Wuyi is one of the iconic domestic travel destinations, enjoying over 10 million annual visits. This popularity of this area, located in the north of Zhejiang Province, continues to rise and the government are set to develop outdoor industry in the region to complement the already booming traditional tourism. Xingzhi have an agreement with the government to bring outdoor recreational expertise to the area and the negotiations are on-going for the exact scale and scope.

Xingzhi have already taken the first step of organizing a 200km Mt Wuyi Stage Race, to be staged in November 2017, part of our strategy to promote and popularize stage race format in China. In this race, we also introduce the concept of environmentally friendly, green outdoor activities.

In addition, Xingzhi are also staging two shorter events of 35 and 60-kilometre distance, all part of opening up this spectacular location, which already enjoys the best possible brand recognition in China, as a national-level outdoor destination.