Our Experts

Due to the novelty of this industry in the country, China lacks experts in outdoor recreation, but Xingzhi have employed some of the best foreign and domestic experts in this field in China. Our foreign experts are highly professional and very experienced and can operate within the unique Chinese cultural, political and social environment.

Qu Xiangdong (China)

Mr Qu, the founder of Xingzhi, is also a visiting lecturer at the Executive MBA course at Guanghua School of Management of Peking University and is a lecturer at the Business School of China University of Political Science and Law. Having founded the experience brands which are now part of Xingzhi Group, Mr. Qu’s goal and mission is to change the lifestyle of Chinese consumers, to spread and popularize healthy living and cultural and outdoor recreation, and to help channel the economic and social development in China into environmentally sustainable direction.

Serge Koenig (France)

Serge Koenig is a former elite mountaineer and professional climbing guide and instructor teaching at l’École Nationale de Ski et Alpinisme (ENSA) in Chamonix. Serge has been based in Chengdu, Sichuan for the past 12 years and was instrumental in developing the sport of mountaineering in China, providing training and expertise, and bringing in French companies to set up mountaineering infrastructure. Serge was also behind the cooperation program between France and Sichuan Province. Such is his contribution to Franco – Chinese relations and the development of Chinese mountaineering and mountain sports, that Serge has served as honorary Council of France in Chengdu.

Travis Winn (USA)

Travis’ father, elite white water kayaker and geologist, was invited by Chinese government to develop access by rivers as part of geological investigations of remote locations in China. Travis spend much of his childhood in China and, in addition to being an elite kayaker, pioneered commercial white water sports in China and carried out numerous first descents on the Mekong, the Salween, the Yangtze and many Tibetan rivers. Fluent in Chinese, his company – Last Descents are working tirelessly protecting the natural environment where they operate in.  Travis lives in Beijing with his wife and child, but spends white water season on the rivers in Western China.

Pavel Toropov (UK)

Pavel, a PhD in ecology, comes from trail running background and has raced as a semi-pro on Chinese trail running circuit. He has worked as course designer and course director on ultra-marathons around the world and carried out several expeditions runs in China. Pavel has lived in China for over eight years, has worked as Chinese – English translator for Chinese media, and is a frequent contributor to magazines and newspapers, specializing in Chinese outdoor industry, running and travel. Pavel speaks Chinese, French, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Cheng Peng (China)

An expert in hot air ballooning and paragliding, Cheng is two-time national hot air ballooning champion and has represented China internationally. He has 16-year experience in the sport and is one of the pioneers of this industry in China.

Gong Mingcheng (Mitchell Gong) – (China)

A successful entrepreneur, Gobi Alumni and a long-term outdoor enthusiast, Mitchell was the pioneer of trail races in China, and has participated and completed many of the world’s most renowned ultras, such as Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and Hong Kong 100. Mitchell is involved with the running and outdoor projects the company has in Fuzhou and the Wuyi Mountain region.

Dr. Cheng Guogang (Alloy Cheng) (China)

A former associate research fellow at Chinese Academy of Sciences who has authored dozens of scientific publications, Dr. Cheng Guogang is a double PhD holder in computer science and meteorology. Dr. Cheng has previously held high managerial positions at Ericsson and Agilent, a medical tech company, and is an expert in on-line commerce and outdoor recreation. He has also founded of Pao Pao Wang on-line running business and works closely with Ali Sports. Importantly, Dr. Cheng is one of the pioneers and experts on agrotourism in China.

Su Zilin (China)

Formerly the head of the editorial department at Outside Magazine (China), Mr. Su has been involved with outdoor sports and recreation for thirteen years. Mr. Su has great experience and resources when it comes to organization of outdoor events in China, and is an expert on the trends and directions of the development of Chinese outdoor industry. In addition, Su Zilin is a multiple finisher of UTMB as well as double finisher of the 400km non-stop, self-navigating Ultra Gobi race, an event for which he has been media and marketing advisor since its foundation.

Yan Yi (China)

Former editor-in-chief of Runners’ World (China), Yan Yi has more than a decade of experience in sports media and is a very well-known figure in running and sports media circles in China. Mr. Yan is also one of the co-founders of Runner’s World race series in China, and is himself a dedicated runner who has completed many ultra-marathons both in China and abroad, including UTMB and the 400km Ultra Gobi race.

Liu Fubin (Alex Liu) (China)

Mr. Liu is an expert in Polar tourism who used to work for Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration and once spent 13 months at the Great Wall Research Station on the Antarctic Peninsula conducting meteorological research. His vast polar experience and extensive network in this field make him invaluable for our projects in the Arctic and Antarctica – Liu Fubin is one of the key figures in the Chinese polar tourism industry and was one of the people behind the success of our Great Wall Antarctic Marathon.

Liu Zhengyi (China)

A Master’s holder from Beijing Sports University, Liu Zhenyi is a researcher at Xingzhi Experience Institute specializing in sports tourism market research, planning and strategy. He has participated, in top positions, in some of Xingzhi Group’s flagship projects, such as leading the workgroup which drafted the plan for outdoor recreation and tourism development for Dunhuang in Gansu Province, one of China’s top travel destinations. Mr. Liu’s area of expertise also includes health and wellness industry, a growing field in China.