Our Staff

Mr. Qu Xiangdong – Founder and President

Mr. Qu, from Shandong Province, studied Literature at Peking University, and upon his graduation in 1992 he embarked on a stellar career in China Central Television (CCTV).

As editor and producer, he received several official awards for his work, and then, after taking charge of digital production in 1995, he was again awarded industry’s prices for his 3D animation and special effects projects. Mr Qu then embarked on a presenter’s career, hosting economics and culture programs watched by the entire nation – “Economics’ Half-Hour”, “Dialogue” and “Great Masters”. Mr. Qu’s work as a CCTV host made him a nationwide celebrity as well as a much admired and respected journalist and reporter.

Following his departure from CCTV and the launch of Xingzhi Exploring Group, Mr. Qu finally had an opportunity to embark on social, environmental and philanthropic projects. These involved, amongst others, financing student scholarships, and, after the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, Gobi Alumni Disaster Relief Foundation was set up. Mr. Qu has also been campaigning tirelessly to raise awareness of climate change amongst Chinese industry leaders and government.

Mr. Qu’s hobbies are literature, fishing, travel and DIY but he barely has time for any of these. His mission in life is to reverse the materialistic trend of the development of the modern Chinese society by providing the Chinese people with practical opportunities to rediscover their history and culture.

Mrs Huang Weimin (Cynthia Huang)–Executive Vice President / COO

Mrs Huang graduated from Zhejiang University majoring in Informatics and then obtained an EMBA from Renmin University in Beijing. Mrs Huang took the position of Executive Vice President of Xingzhi Group in 2010 and she also performs the duties of the General Operations Manager. Before joining Xingzhi, Mrs Huang had previously worked as an engineer in the field of IT and has been involved in the implementation of international IT standards in China. She has also worked as chief editor for PC World China magazine.

Mr Zhang Cheng – Vice President / CFO

Zhang Cheng is a holder of an Executive MBA (EMBA) degree from China Europe International Business School and is also a Chinese Certified Public Accountant, registered Asset Appraiser and Senior Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA).

Mr Zhang’s career includes the positions of project manager at the accounting bureau of Jiuquan District of Gansu Province and of deputy general manager of Beijing Ruixinda Consulting Co., Ltd. He is also former financial director and secretary of the board of directors and Vice President of Toread Holding Group Co., Ltd. In addition, Mr Zhang is the founder and former Chief Accountant (executive director) of Gansu Jiuquan Hongzheng accounting firm.

Zhang currently holds the position of Vice President and CFO of Xingzhi Exploring Group, responsible for the overall planning of the Group’s financial, legal, investment and capital operations.

Mrs Cao Xia (Kitty Cao) – Vice President / General Manager of Gobi Spring Academy

Mrs Cao is in charge of Gobi Spring Academy, a branch of the company which coordinates and manages the education and leadership training programs of Xingzhi Group. Mrs Cao is a passionate runner and an outdoor person.

Mrs Zhou Mo – Vice President / General Manager of Tripolers

Mrs Zhou has held her current posts in Xingzhi since 2009, having previously worked for two years running the company’s commercial relations and partnerships with other enterprises.

Mrs Li Jia – Vice President / Director of Marketing

Mrs Li has been in charge of company’s marketing since 2010. Before having joined Xingzhi she worked in advertising and publishing.

Mr Liu Yang – Vice President / General Manager of Race Management Company / Chairman of Sichuan Branch of Xingzhi Group

Holder of an EMBA from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Mr Liu is a successful businessman, and member of Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Dujiangye City and the founder of Chengdu Double Heritage Sports brand.

Mrs Zhang Yanping (Katherine Zhang) –General Manager of Yunnan Branch of Xingzhi Group

Katherine Is from Kunming, Yunnan, and holds on EMBA from China Europe International Business School. Katherine is the founder of several national cultural travel concepts and programs and has been named amongst 100 most influential advertising executives in China. Her Road of China Expeditionary Force cultural travel package has been awarded the highest industry award in China.

Mr Liu Xiaodong – General Manager of Gansu Branch of Xingzhi Group

Mr Liu is a graduate of School of Archaeology and Museology at Peking University, and holds the post of the Vice-Director of Guazhou County Museum as well a position in the local government.

Mrs Shui Weimin (Vicky Shui) – General Manager of Shanghai Branch of Xingzhi Group

An Executive MBA holder from Xiamen University she runs the company’s operations in Eastern China.

Ms Yuan Yuan (Andrea Yuan) – General Manager of Fujian Branch of Xingzhi Group

A dedicated long distance runner, cyclist and mountaineer (she has climbed the 6178m Yuzhufeng Mountain), Ms Yuan has an EMBA from Xiamen University and before joining Xingzhi Group she was an executive at Haier, China’s leading domestic goods manufacturer.

Mr Qiu Lei – Race Director

Mr Qiu has been in charge of organizing and managing the company’s races since 2007. In 2016, he was put in charge of the company’s premier project – Xuanzang Route Gobi Business School Race.

Ms Ouyang Meizhen– Director of Finance

Certified Public Accountant(CPA), a graduate of elite Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing and an EMBA from Nankai University in Tianjin, Mrs Ouyang had worked for several top accounting firms before taking charge of Xingzhi Group’s financial department, and has a wealth of experience in many areas of the financial sector as well as in corporate management.

Ms Jin Doudou (Margaret Jin) – Director of International Business / Director of Xingzhi Experience Research Institute

Margaret is in charge of the company’s work with international partners, and she also conducts market research and designs and develops new domestic travel packages and tours.