Outdoor Destination Marketing Service

The marketing service that Xingzhi started to provide to Chamonix-Mt-Blanc Tourism Office since the start of 2016 is to be expanded to other destinations – a new line of business that Xingzhi are embarking on.

Xingzhi have excellent capabilities to do so. Currently the most effective form of marketing in China is done via Chinese social media – primarily WeChat, which has over 700,000,000 active users. WeChat has become now become the main source of information, communications and data exchange for Chinese.

Xingzhi already operate several very successful commercial WeChat accounts for different branches of our business – Ultra Gobi (over 14,000 subscribers and over 600 reads per post), Tripolers (over 8,000 subscribers and over 4,000 reads per post) and Alumni of Gobi Business Challenge account which is a communication and news platform for the business elite who have completes the Gobi Business Challenge race.

Most importantly, our current WeChat audience, who are also our business partners, is exactly the target audience, the very demographic and the market that foreign travel destinations want to reach in China. Our subscribers are well-to do business leaders, leading entrepreneurs, government officials, who, moreover, are outdoor persons and avid travellers, looking for new challenges, experiences and business opportunities.

Also, Xingzhi have an excellent cross-cultural marketing team, which includes bilingual foreign and domestic experts, who ensure smooth transition of content from Western to Chinese marketing and cultural environment.