Our principal foreign event partners include:

Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB)

Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon (Competitor Group)

Prague Marathon

Athens Marathon

Côte d’Azur Marathon


Xingzhi works with the following local governments and government bodies:

France: Chamonix Mont-Blanc Tourism Office

Sichuan Province: Chengdu (provincial capital), Garzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

Yunnan Province: Kunming (provincial capital), Tengchong City

Zhejiang Province: Linhai City.

Gansu Province: Jiayuguan City, Jiuquan City

Xinjiang Autonomous Region: Xinjiang Tourism Industry Association – government body responsible for tourism

Fujian Province: Nanping City, Fuzhou City

Qinghai Province: Haixi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture



Xingzhi’s long –term corporate clients and partners to whom we provide leadership training and maintain close business relationship include:

Vanke – China’s largest real estate developer

China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd., the 21st largest state-owned enterprise in China

TCL Group – multinational electronics manufacturer, one of the largest TV sets producers in the world

Pfizer China




Our outdoor recreation professional partners are:

Last Descents – China’s leading white water adventure sports company

Eairpark – China’s leading hot air balloon company

Trail Running Stations – a network of trail running bases in Europe and North America linked via an app and a website, providing visiting trail runners with routes, equipment and facilities



The following brands are the main sponsors of our events:




Under Armour

China Resources Beverage