Rowing Events

Amateur rowing is not mainstream sport in China yet, but when it becomes that, Xingzhi will be recognised as pioneers and visionaries. This vision goes back to 1999, to a rowing contest staged between two of China’s best and most revered universities – Tsinghua and Beijing. In 2006, Mr. Wang Qi, one of the founders of the entire Chinese amateur rowing movement, was a participant of this race, and become convinced that this sport had to be popularized in China.

Xingzhi Group’s founder, Mr. Qu Xiangdong, went on a fact-finding trip to England in 2015 to attend Oxford vs Cambridge Rowing Race. After that, together with Mr. Wang Shi, the owner of real estate giant Vanke, and Mr. Wang Qi, AG Rowing Company was set up as part of Xingzhi Group.

The aim of AG Rowing is to make rowing an established outdoor amateur sport in China. Since 2015 AG Rowing has organized numerous rowing workshops and training camps, employing professional coaches who have in the rowing careers won national, Asian, World and Olympic titles.

Mr. Qu Xiangdong also introduced rowing as a discipline for EMBA students, the business elite of China who already participate in Xingzhi’s Xuanzang Route race, with “BEC Cup Business School Challenge” race held in Beijing. The Power of 10®, a corporate training program, based on rowing is also enjoying great popularity with the elite of Chinese business.

Since 2015 Xingzhi and AG Rowing have organized more than a dozen amateur rowing races, and two events are now held annually: “Masters Cup South – North Regatta” in Shatin, Hong Kong, and Royal Canal Open Regatta in Beijing, with amateur athletes from across Asia-Pacific region taking part.