The Road of China Expeditionary Force

This is a cultural travel package and a team building program created by Xingzhi, exploiting the rich cultural and scenic resources of Baoshan Municipality in Yunnan (that Tengchong is part of), following the mountain trails that were once part of the Chinese Expeditionary Force campaign, and also the ancient trading routes of the Tea and Horse Trail.

China Expeditionary Force was a unit of Chinese Army which operated out of Burma and then in South Western Yunnan during World War II, and was instrumental in the Allied success in this strategic theatre. The Chinese troops here were equipped by the Allies and operated with support, and, in places, under command of US troops and for that reason their exploits fell on the wrong side of the ideological divide after the war. Recently this historic heritage has been revived and receives great interest both from the government and from the general public.

Xingzhi are capitalizing on this historical heritage and the natural resources in Baoshan (for more information see Tengchong section in Domestic Outdoor Development Services) to create this four-day day hiking program covering the main natural and historical attractions of the area, where the participants shall learn about the history, the geography and the ecology of the region, all the while experiencing what it was like for the soldiers to march across and live in this mountain terrain.

This cultural package is also tied together with Xingzhi’s cooperation with local governments’ developing the outdoor and tourism industry in the region.