Ultra Gobi

Ultra Gobi is a non-stop 400km race in the southern extreme of the Gobi on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau. The race, now in its third year, has become legendary in China and has expensive exposure in Chinese media and great social media following. It is held annually at the end of September.

Ultra Gobi is unique in that it is designed to allow the runners to run 400km in one go without carrying much equipment. Extremely close support, made possible by extensive investment and outstanding organization, is offered to the runners – there are water stations every 10km, and food and equipment are pre-stored at rest stations every 30km. The runners decide their own sleeping and rest strategy. The race is limited to just 50 participants every year and the cut off time is 149 hours.

This race is held in a protected area, dotted with millennia – old ruins from the Silk Road era – temples, walls and beacon towers, including several UNESCO World Heritage sites dating to Han Dynasty, with two millennia of history.

The aim of Ultra Gobi is to take ultra-racing to the next level –  beyond what stage races have to offer, physically and psychologically. Our objective is to make this race one of the world’s greatest endurance events and put China firmly on the endurance events map.