Xingzhi Business Network

Xingzhi have built up a remarkable business network amongst the elite of Chinese business community. This network is Gobi Alumni, the participants of our Journey of Xuanzang Gobi Business Challenge Race and of Cutting Edge Leadership Program.

The Journey of Xuanzang is a stage event of 112km, running or hiking, between Executive MBA students from top Chinese and Asian business schools and universities. These EMBA students include some of China’s business elite as well as that of the overseas Chinese entrepreneurial community.

The Journey of Xuanzang has become an institution in the Chinese –speaking business world, a rite of passage – the business schools select their best representatives for the race, and winning the championship title is a matter of great honour and prestige.

Cutting Edge Leadership alumni are executives from some of China’s flagship enterprises, such as Lenovo, China Resources holdings, Vanke and Alibaba. They represent every area of Chinese economy – from heavy industry to biotechnology, advertising real estate and finance.

Gobi Alumni became a nationwide fraternity of business leaders who credit their participation on our programs and races for having changed their philosophy of life and opened up the world of outdoor pursuits and adventure, healthy living and interaction with nature.

These business leaders form lasting bonds and friendships during our events, and such personal relationships are a foundation of Chinese business environment. The Gobi Alumni become our friends and trusted partners, and we can rely on them for cooperation and support in our business ventures.