Xuanzang Route Gobi Business Challenge Race

This event, a 112km, 4 day stage race between mainland China and Chinese-speaking (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan) Executive MBA students, is more than a race, it is an institution and it has created a fraternity of business leaders across the Chinese speaking world.

This event was first held in 2005, and since then 13 generations of Gobi Alumni have been formed. It is enough to mention: “I am also an alumnus. I am Gobi 12!” (meaning that you took part in the 12th instalment of the race) for you to be accepted as a part of an exclusive inner circle. Our Gobi Alumni include some of the leading Chinese entrepreneurs and business leaders such as Mr Wang Shi, the founder of Vanke, Ms. Wang Jing – the founder of Toread, China’s best-selling domestic outdoor clothing and equipment brand; Mr. Li Wen, the founder and Chairman of China Universal Asset Management Co., Ltd, – world leader in management of China related assets; and Mr Xing Bo, vice president and one of the founders of Neusoft, China’s largest software company.

The scale of this race is incredible: the 2017 edition of the race was attended by over 2500 competitors from 48 business schools, supported by over 300 volunteers and 400 full-time staff. There were also 42 media representatives, 68 medical staff, 20 physiotherapists, 68 doctors, and over a hundred partner and sponsor representatives at the race.  The event was also attended by a team of government officials from different provinces.

The main sponsor of the 12th edition race is Jeep, but other sponsors include Asus, Huawei, Ping’an Insurance and other leading domestic and international brands across a very wide spectrum of industries.

Xuanzang Route Gobi Business Challenge race enjoys great coverage on social media in China with 15million hits on Weibo, 33 million on WeChat, and over 10 million views of the race videos streamed.